Bedside decannulation of peripheral VA-ECMO using percutaneous Perclose ProGlide post-close technique

Shek-Yin Au, Kwong-Shun Chan, Ka-Man Fong, Pui Wah Rowlina Leung, Wing-Yiu George Ng, Kit-Hung Anne Leung


Instead of open arteriotomy repair, successful percutaneous Perclose ProGlide post-close technique has been reported for veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VA-ECMO) decannulation. However, the precaution, preparation and procedure techniques have not been well described in the literature. In our unit, since October 2018, all VA-ECMO decannulation has been performed at the bedside together with vascular surgeons. The success rate was up to 84% in our 19 cases series. We would like to describe our experience and technique in this article.