Infection control bundles in low-middle income countries: an international cross-sectional survey (study protocol)

Emine Alp, Barry Cookson, Hakan Erdem, Jordi Rello


Background: Healthcare associated infection (HAI) prevention/control bundles are currently recommended to reduce HAI burdens, although implementation in low-to-middle income countries (LMICs) may be difficult due to resources limitation. This survey will determine the status of infection prevention/control (IPC) bundle practice and most frequent interventional variables in LMICs.
Methods: A questionnaire will be emailed to Infectious Diseases International Research Initiative (ID-IRI) Group Members and dedicated IPC doctors working in LMICs to examine self-reported practices/policies regarding IPC bundles. Responding country incomes will be classified by World Bank definitions into low, middle and high, comparing LMIC with a control group of high income countries.