Faran Bokhari, MD, MBA, FACS, FCCP

Department of Trauma and Burn Surgery, Cook County Health and Hospital System, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dr. Bokhari is the Chair of Trauma and Burn Surgery and Critical Care at the First and most respected Trauma Department in the United States. He has extensive experience in treating the severely injured patient. His department is designated to treat the United States president for any injuries. Dr. Bokhari’s practice is focused only on Trauma Surgery and intensive care management with excellent results for injured patients. Dr. Bokhari also has an intimate understanding of both the financial and organizational issues that need to be addressed to create an excellent trauma system.

Dr. Bokhari is an expert in developing trauma systems. He has expertise in teaching trauma surgery and critical care to surgeons and other physicians. He has developed trauma systems in Chicago, Haikou (Hainan province) and Pakistan. He has trained hundreds of surgeons and emergency room physicians who now work throughout the US and world. He also regularly trains nurses and ambulance personnel about trauma care to create systems to optimize trauma care.

Dr. Bokhari is the Director of the Advanced Surgical Exposures in Trauma Course and instructor for both the Advanced Trauma and Advanced Burn Life Support courses. He has been awarded the Teacher of the Year Award multiple times by his trainees. He also trains the United States Navy Surgeons and Nurses. He is the current Director of the Cook County Trauma/Burn Symposium, past President of the Chicago Metropolitan Trauma Society, Vice President of the Cook County Health System Medical Staff and Chairman of the Value Analysis Committee for the Health System.

Dr. Bokhari is a frequent presenter at Trauma meetings within the United States, Canada and China, including the Eastern association of Trauma, Trauma Association of Canada, John A. Boswick Burn Symposium, Chicago Committee on Trauma, West China Forum for Emergency Medicine (Chengdu), Asia Pacific International Emergency Forum (Hainan Emergency Medicine Association).

Terms of Appointment: May 2018 - April 2020