Abhishek Biswas, MD

Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

Dr. Abhishek Biswas is a board certified pulmonary and critical care physician who is currently receiving additional training in Interventional Pulmonology at the University of Florida at Gainesville. Dr. Biswas has expertise in the use of endobronchial ultrasound for diagnosis, staging as well as treatment of certain lung cancer with intratumoral chemotherapy in specific situations. Dr. Biswas has received additional training in interventional pulmonology techniques such as navigational bronchoscopy, utilization of radial ultrasound probe for lung biopsy, placement of stents for malignant and benign airway diseases, tumor ablation with argon-plasma, electrocautery and PDT, bronchial thermoplasty for asthma, percutaneous tracheostomies, fiducial placements, rigid bronchoscopies, balloon dilatations for airway stenosis.

The other areas of expertise of Dr. Biswas are the management of refractory pleural effusions and the placement of indwelling pleural catheters for malignant effusions, rigid medical thoracoscopy for pleural biopsy and pleurodesis. Dr. Biswas has a special interest in the management of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome focusing on the early detection and management of right heart failure in these patients. Dr. Biswas is involved with clinical programs to teach the proper utilization of bedside ultrasound for assessment of critically sick patients in the intensive care unit.

Terms of Appointment: Apr. 3, 2018 - Dec. 31, 2019