AB002. Simulation education in ICU

AB002. Simulation education in ICU

Chae-Man Lim

Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Abstract: Medicine is in essence beneficial to human being. However, practicing medicine in a particular individual may result in untoward outcome, which is sometimes irrevocable. With growing knowledge of complex biology and the development of sophisticated technology, medicine carries greater potential for cure and yet greater potential for harm at the same time. Helping inexperienced medical staff to become competent physicians/nurses has always been a great challenge to medical society. During training of novices, it is imperative therefore to reduce iatrogenic harms, while maximizing educational output. Recently, simulation education has been expanded from patient simulation for medical students to virtual surgery or complex ICU setting for fellows. The growing interest in simulation is first related with patient safety. The other reason is based on the theory of Dale, who described the most effective means of retaining memory is “doing it” rather than just “listening or seeing it”. In this talk, the background of simulation education and experience at Asan Simulation Center will be discussed.

Keywords: Education; simulation; patient safety

doi: 10.21037/jeccm.2018.02.01
Cite this article as: Lim CM. Simulation education in ICU. J Emerg Crit Care Med 2018;2:20.